What to expect during your laser hair removal treatments:

Are you wondering what to expect during your laser hair removal treatment? Read the info below to find out EVERYTHING you should know!

  1. You will be asked to wipe or wash all the areas on your skin that will be lasered today, for example. In addition, should you be lasering your face, we will ask you to either wipe it with wipes or wash it right before your laser hair removal procedure. 
  2. Wear laser-protective glasses. Everyone in the room must wear laser protective glasses while laser fires. 
  3. We ask you to refrain from videotaping or streaming during laser hair removal. 
  4. No “friends” in the treatment room during “private parts” laser hair removal. 
  5. At the time of laser firing, there will be a pinching or heat sensation. We ask you to let us know immediately should you feel pain. A laser hair removal technician might stop your procedure.
  6. Your skin surface area will be divided into small squares with a white pencil to ensure complete coverage with laser. 
  7. Your skin might exhibit a follicular response to laser hair removal, which indicates that the procedure worked. 
  8. Communicate. Please voice all your concerns or suggestions before and/or during your laser hair removal. Communication is key. 
Types of Lasers hair removal
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