How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Laser hair removal in the Boston area and across the state of Massachusetts would cost you from $99 for a small area to $549 for full-body laser hair removal. It is the upfront price offers to its clients.


However, during your search, you will find ridiculous claims like “lifetime laser for $49” to “come for a free consult so we can talk you into signing a membership agreement and charge your account monthly.” As a rule of thumb, we suggest doing the following calculations:


  1. Was the price you saw too low? Can you provide someone with service for the same price? Should you do laser hair removal, would you agree to provide lifetime treatments to someone who paid you a fixed amount? Say $49 or $4449? But you must do laser hair removal for them all your life! No? Then why do you think someone will do it for you? 
  2. Did they ask you to come for a “free consult” and refuse to quote the price over the phone or publish it on their website? If yes, then ask you why they did do it. There is no “tailoring laser hair removal package/deal for you.” Legs are legs. Arms are arms. Honest laser hair removal providers could tell you how much they charge for both legs laser hair removal. For example, charges $199 for full legs laser hair removal. That is it. No need o come for a consultation. Simple? Yes.
  3. Fancy places. The fancier the business – the more you will pay to maintain it, pay the rent, pay all 20 employees, etc. The proper laser hair removal machine your provider uses is more important than how much they pay for the rent. For example, uses Candela Medical “GentleMax Pro” and Cynosure “Elite IQ” lasers with Alex and YAG:ND laser heads. Each of these machines is over $100,000. Someone using a Diode laser purchased for $999 on eBay would not be able to provide you with quality service. Cheap – yes. Quality – No.


Hint for you to get the feel of a fair price. Laser hair removal can not cost less than waxing for a similar area! Your provider can not charge you less for something that inherently costs more to provide. 

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