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Laser Hair Removal, Micro-Dermabrasion and Skin Rejuvenation .

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Which of our Services would you Like to Learn More About?

  1. Laser Hair Removal - remove unwanted hair
  2. Skin Rejeuvenation or Photo Facial - reduce fine lines, sun damage, wrinkles and age spots
  3. Micro-dermabrasion - make your skin look younger and more vibrant by removing unwanted dead skin

Lets Start with Some Simple Questions...

Do you suffer from:

  1. Unwanted Facial Hair
  2. Unwanted Body Hair
  3. Unwanted Age Spots on your Hands or Face
  4. Unwanted Wrinkles on your Hands or Face

Do you have an area on your body that you are self conscious about due to unwanted hair growth, sun damage or age spots? 

Laserhere.com a Subsidiary of AOI Beauty and Esthetics Ltd. has the solutions. 




No More Shaving your Legs!

If we could show you a way that is safe, effective, and permanent to allow you to never have to shave your legs again, would this be something that would interest you?  Permanent Laser Hair Removal is the Answer!

Woman's Legs After 4 treatments

Click Here to Learn more about Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Reverse Sun Damage and Age Spots

If we could show you a way that is safe and effective to reverse the sun damage you have done to your face or body, would this be something off interest to you?  Skin Rejuvenation is the answer!

Woman's Hands after 3 Treatments

Click Here to learn more about Skin Rejuvenation


More Information On Laser Hair Removal

  1. Are you a Candidate?
  2. Common Treatment Areas for Men and Women
  3. How Does it Work?
  4. What can you Expect during and After Treatment?
  5. What are Realistic Expectations?
  6. The Risks and More common side effects of treatment


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